Packaging optimization can create supply chain efficiencies

Packaging optimization can create supply chain efficiencies

Have you ever noticed how we put off cleaning out and organizing the garage? For whatever reason, we all fall into the trap of believing that we’ll deal with it later. We doom ourselves to trip over junk and take forever to find things rather than simply taking the extra time to clean up and enjoy the space again. Implementing a packaging optimization project for your supply chain is the same.

Packaging optimization means your supply chain is organized

Imagine that your garage is your company’s supply chain. Every supply chain, like all garages, has inefficiencies and bottlenecks. And just like with garages, we often believe it is OK to put off cleaning up the mess until later. From a practical standpoint, it makes sense. Your supply chain isn’t broken. But it could be costing you a lot of money now. Worse still, it could be setting you up to fail down the road.

Maybe you don’t know where to start. Maybe you don’t know how to fix the problem. Or maybe you don’t have the expertise to do fix it.

That’s where we come in.

Packaging optimization

One good place to start is thru packaging optimization—think of it as a cleansing process that starts in your operation that provides benefits both upstream and downstream.

With proper training and focus, this can be ground zero for “cleaning things up” in your supply chain. Through packaging optimization you can create labor efficiencies, better pack design processes and so much more. You can also get better transportation optimization by rightsizing your packages.

Do you want to improve speed to market? Who could even say no to that?

Streamline your supply chain

We can help you eliminate bottlenecks and streamline your supply chain, which will in turn speed up all of your processes. And don’t forget package SKU reduction too. You can improve warehouse space, reduce touches and handling and more.

So why keep tripping on things? Take the time to clean out your supply chain with a good packaging optimization project.

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John is responsible for company efforts to drive value and differentiation in packaging for fulfillment, e-commerce, and manufacturing customers. He has 25 years of packaging leadership experience and has served at the helm of IQpack since early 2013.