Get your pick, pack and ship in shape for Cyber Monday

Get your pick, pack and ship in shape for Cyber Monday

2017 Cyber Monday broke records—are your logistics operations ready for 2018? According to Forbes, Cyber Monday 2017 was the largest online sales day in history with $6.59 billion in sales—a 16.8% increase year over year.

And while Cyber Monday is a phenomenon into itself, the entire shopping weekend, from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday broke records last year. According to SupplyChain247, during the four day shopping window merchants shipped orders that traveled globally 12.6 billion miles to reach customers—more than 10 times the distance from the earth to Saturn.

Cyber Monday event taxes industry leaders. UPS typically handles 19 million packages a day but during peak holiday season the number jumps to more than 30 million packages a day. Last year, UPS hired around 95,000 seasonal employees to help manage the demand–and even then they had trouble keeping up.

According to Fox Business News, because of the “unprecedented surge” in online orders, UPS was forced to increase transit time by several days on an unspecified number of deliveries. They also were forced to raise the hours drivers worked at more than 100 package-delivery centers where demand was the highest.


The supply chain will be tested again on Cyber Monday.


Amazon also announced that Cyber Monday 2017 was the biggest shopping day worldwide in company history noting that customers ordered hundreds of millions of products throughout the weekend, with 140 million items bought from small businesses.

Getting your logistics in Cyber Monday shape

A sudden and huge surge in demand can tax even the best prepared companies. So how are you preparing for Cyber Monday this year?

SupplyChain247 outlines a few considerations for the logistics industry noting that shippers must be able to keep up with the volume and speed of orders in order to avoid paying expedited freight charges to get orders to customers on-time. Quickly finding capacity with your contracted carriers to stay ahead of demand is one of the most difficult challenges.

If you need to gain a competitive advantage going into Cyber Monday, give us a call. We can help you optimize your labor, transport, packaging and more.


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