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Cost inflation and the shipping bubble – how to come out on top

Cost inflation has created a shipping bubble. If you optimize your shipping, transportation, labor and packaging operations, you’ll keep more of your profits now, and you’ll fare better than you competitors when the bears come calling.

Dimensional pricing is here for the long haul

The adoption of dimensional pricing based on size of shipping containers has been a game changer for the industry. But many companies have been slow to adjust their packaging operations to address the new reality. Here’s how you can capitalize on the changes.

Get your pick, pack and ship in shape for Cyber Monday

Mark your calendars and get ready. Cyber Monday 2018 will be on Monday, November 26th. Last year’s Cyber Monday was record breaking in online sales and shipping demand. The shopping window from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday can wreak havoc on the logistics industry which should expect to see another record break year in terms of volume and speed of orders through e-commerce engines.

What blockchain means for the supply chain and how you can be ready

Blockchain technology, including the idea of a digital shared ledger, has the potential to increase supply chain transparency and revolutionize supply chain auditing. Industry giants in tech and shipping such as IBM and Maersk are already deploying blockchain-based shipping systems that will digitize supply chains and track international cargo in real time.

Tech and logistics: where are the real opportunities?

There are a lot of out-of-the-box solutions to the supply chain problems we face today. But let’s be clear, all of the latest tech is still, mostly aimed at solving the four main areas we already understand, packaging optimization, labor optimization, shipping optimization and warehouse optimization.

PLS creates big savings for e-commerce

When a Kentucky-based e-commerce business needed to find savings in their packaging and supply chain, they didn’t know where to start. At PLS, we developed a customized e-commerce solution to their specific packaging, labor, and shipping needs which resulted in over $2 million in annual cost savings. Here’s how we did it.