Packaging Optimization, Pack Materials & Automation Expertise

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Our team will help you develop agnostic packaging solutions to help you attain your top operational & supply chain goals!

In addition to packaging optimization expertise, PLS has a very deep understanding of pack materials and state of the art pack automation. We understand how to use the right packaging solutions designed for you and translate them into materials, labor, shipping and quality efficiencies. For e-commerce shippers, we help eliminate void and void fill!

We have developed a highly successful formal pack optimization process to evaluate your packaging operations and ensure success. We have decades of experience and a wide breadth of aligned strategic partners in materials and automation to ensure the best fit for you.

We work very closely with our affiliate, IQpack, to continually show our impact and can monetize the savings and provide service improvements across your operations and supply chain network through packaging optimization.

Agnostic Packaging Materials Expertise

  • Corrugated packaging
  • Flexible packaging
  • Inside the pack protection–Suspension, full product, surface
  • Custom packaging to solve problems for manufacturers, e-commerce, service parts & 3PL

Agnostic Packaging Automation Expertise

  • Semi-automated packaging equipment
  • Fully automated, high-speed systems
  • Package rightsizing automation
    • Horizontal and vertical polybagging
    • Horizontal corrugated packaging options
  • Engineering
  • Service
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