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Warehouse optimization

Warehouse optimization is the process of driving cost-savings solutions through better space utilization and throughput.  First and foremost, we aim to ensure you have a safe, efficient operation. Fulfillment operations all go through a stage where storage and flow become a challenge. Most of the internal obstacles that arise in warehouse optimization are related to errors, inefficiency, and lack of transparency.

There are common problems that pose challenges to warehouse optimization: inventory accuracy, inventory location, space utilization and warehouse layout, redundant processes, picking & packing inefficiencies and more.


The benefits of optimization with PLS

Our program will find and drive savings via throughput and space utilization, while reducing errors and improving flexibility, communication and customer satisfaction. We also evaluate warehouse flow, product placement, storage, and retrieval systems. Warehouse optimization is vital to lean warehouses and agile supply chains.

The most efficient warehouses are those that have been optimized to ensure a competitive edge well into the future. Our performance-based model ensures results.

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