Transportation Optimization


The action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource.


The PLS Approach:

Transportation optimization is our process of reducing or even eliminating costs in your shipping spend . It is the largest logistics cost component, a critical customer touch point, and significantly impacts a company’s ability to provide superior speed of delivery performance. For many organizations it remains largely a manual process, with many individual decision makers, outdated practices and crude management controls.

Our unique approach uses best in class packaging innovation solutions to attack non-productive cost factors such as dimensional weight, oversize and many other negative accessorial costs. We believe the most logical place to start is in packaging optimization or right-sizing and can effectively translate the smaller packs to a measurable & sustainable lower transportation spend.


We typically find 3% – 5% net (year over year) annual transportation savings after our engagement and due diligence.


Our Tools:

  • Transportation practice assessment
  • Packaging practice assessment
  • Procurement practice assessment
  • Data technology
  • Visual management tools (dashboarding)
  • Execution excellence with boots on the ground
  • Cost Benchmarking


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