We deliver sustainable cost savings with transportation optimization

Transportation optimization

Transportation optimization is our process of reducing or eliminating dimensional and oversize charges through expertise and package right-sizing. For many organizations, transportation management remains largely a manual process, with many individual decision makers, outdated practices and crude management controls.  As the largest logistics cost component, this is the biggest opportunity for PLS to find and drive measurable and sustainable cost savings in your operation and across your network. 

The PLS approach

Our unique approach uses best-in-class packaging innovation solutions to attack unproductive cost factors such as dimensional weight, oversize and many other negative accessorial costs. We believe the most logical place to start is in packaging optimization or right-sizing and can effectively translate the smaller packs to a measurable and sustainable, lower transportation spend. This is accomplished with industry leading operations assessment tools, onsite and offsite support, and our proprietary technology Orange Box Intelligence (OBI).


The benefits of optimization with PLS

Our team consistently finds 3 to 5% annual transportation savings opportunity year over year following our engagement and due diligence process with no capital investment required. Our performance-based model ensures measurable and sustainable results.

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