PLS Supply Chain Consulting technology systems and Implementation services include:


WMS – Warehouse Management System

A world class supply chain is built on effectively integrating multiple complementary technologies. Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are fundamental to running a significant best in class distribution facility. Our business and technical knowledge allows us to determine what technologies are ideal and can help clients identify, understand, and implement appropriate solutions and streamline processes.

As experienced supply chain systems integrators, PLS has been intimately involved in every stage of Warehouse Management System (WMS) projects, from analysis and justification through selection and implementation.

PLS provides services that assist clients in unlocking the value of their WMS software investments turning them into true working solutions. Specific service offerings include:

Project Management and Planning

Requirements Gathering

System Design

Software Configuration and Customization

Test Planning and Scripting


Standard Operating Procedures

Post-Implementation Support

System Audits

Cutover Support

WMS Assessments involve looking at best practices along with a working knowledge of the warehouse management system marketplace to help clients establish reasonable expectations for improvement. PLS helps clients establish a system roadmap and the return on investment expected.

WMS Selections utilize a proven three phase AIM (Assess, Identify, Match) Methodology. There is risk in any technology investment, but the benefits can be tremendous if the right technology and hardware is selected and implemented. PLS believes a focused approach utilizing existing templates that quickly identifies the right solution provides the client with the best opportunity to realize that benefit rapidly.

PLS can provide the services and solutions you need to implement your WMS system including:

The results of the WMS Assessment are made available in our analysis document and a presentation to your team of our findings and suggestions. Armed with this information, your organization is ready to make important decisions about its future.

The processes and requirements of each company’s supply chain are unique and it is imperative that you choose the software vendor that best suits your functional and technology needs. The match should consider current and future supply chain requirements, technology needs, total cost of ownership and the ability of the software vendor and package to scale with your business. Our WMS Selection service utilizes our proven methodology combined with market knowledge and years of experience to ensure that the software choice you make is the correct match now, and in the future.

Using our proven methodology we will:

Document detailed functional and technical requirements

Recommend Short List of Vendor Matches

Develop RFP

Develop Demonstration Script

Tailor Vendor Scorecard

Scoring, analysis, and comparison of vendor solutions

Redline Contracts and Assist with Negotiation

Provide Implementation Plan and Budget

We provide a comprehensive set of services necessary for successful WMS Implementation. Our experienced team can guide you through the complexities of a WMS implementation, while successfully upholding the always important project standards of on time and within budget.


LMS – Labor Management System

Labor Management Systems (LMS) enable real time and daily feedback to associates and management. These systems provide a scorecard, which enables companies to achieve productivity improvement. Our firm has agreements with the leading LMS software providers. Our consultants have extensive experience in the implementation and integration of these leading software solutions. Labor Management Systems provide employee and management feedback, reports, incentive bonus compensation calculations, staff planning, and performance counseling administration.

PLS offers The OBI Digital Scoreboard System which provides real time feedback to employees and management using smart TVs throughout the facility. These messaging systems are also used by client human resources managers for multipurpose communications.


TMS – Transportation Management System

Transportation Management Systems (TMS) Technology Assessment and Implementation Assistance services are provided for organizations that are interested in understanding how advanced technology can improve transportation performance. Typically, the service includes a transportation technology assessment, based on a structured methodology that compares current technology capability with transportation requirements, resulting in an analysis of critical gaps and recommendations.

In the selection phase, along with the technology assessment, we provide guidance on best practice transportation planning, execution, and settlement processes. Process change decisions up front set up a path for success when the new technology is implemented. During selection, we also manage the process; developing demonstration scripts based on business requirements, providing a scoring matrix, counseling on the final selection, and price benchmarking.

In TMS implementation we provide support where needed:

During the design phase, we provide guidance on carrier management, transportation lane strategy, and work flows from a strategic prospective with a view toward global deployment. Our guidance assists in driving configuration of the technology that does not have to be revisited when expanding to other business units in the enterprise. Where lane strategy is changing, we can also assist with carrier procurement.

During testing and go live, we provide assistance with test plan creation, test plan execution, training and go live support.