The action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource.

Why it was difficult in the past:

Packaging has been the most overlooked area in operations and supply chain, and we believe there are logical reasons for that.  Even though it is the big bottleneck in your operation, it is also extremely complex and it touches every component in your supply chain from sourcing to customer experience.  Simple changes in packaging used to create negative ripple effects in your supply chain that often led to increased costs in other areas such as ; materials, warehouse optimization, labor efficiencies, transportation spend, your brand or even worse – customer experience!  But not anymore.

Common roadblocks:
There are five common problems that pose challenges to packaging optimization: proper material substrate selection (bag, box, etc.), supplier selection, product & package damage assessment, operational alignment & throughput and marketing acceptance including customer experience.

The PLS approach:
Packaging optimization is our formal process of determining the exact size and specification you need for your shipping containers for your orders.  It is also called “rightsizing” in many circles.  Our primary focus is to reduce or eliminate the extra air or void in your packages. Our program will provide a unique perspective on your package efficiencies through our operations assessment tools and proprietary software technology called Orange Box Intelligence (OBI).

Besides greener packaging, we will also drive improvements in other areas such as; SKU reduction, material handling, labor, warehouse and transportation efficiencies and better customer experience.  Packaging optimization is vital to lean operations and agile supply chains. The most efficient supply chains are those that have gone through a successful packaging optimization process to ensure a competitive edge well into the future.

Our tools:

  • Packaging materials assessment
  • Cost & supplier assessment
  • Operational throughput assessment
  • KPI assessment
  • Product & package damage assessment
  • Marketing & customer experience assessment
  • Data science and technology software – Orange Box Intelligence (OBI)
  • Visual management tools – dashboarding
  • Determine quick and long-term projects with sustainable direction and partnership on how to implement changes
  • Benchmark of your operations vs. best in class performers