Packaging Optimization


The action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource.


The PLS Approach:

Packaging optimization is our formal process of determining the exact size and specification you need for your shipping containers for your orders.  It is also called “right-sizing” in many circles.  Our primary focus is to eliminate the extra air or void in your packages. Our program will provide a unique perspective on your packaging efficiencies through our operations assessment tools, boots on the ground and data technology.



In addition to smaller and greener packages, we will also drive measurable and sustainable improvements in other areas such as; transportation & dimensional savings, SKU reduction, material handling, labor throughput and better customer experience.  Packaging optimization is vital to lean operations and agile supply chains. The most efficient supply chains are those that have gone through a successful packaging optimization process to ensure a competitive edge well into the future.  We will be there with you long term as your order profile, SKU mix, operations and customer profile changes.


Our Tools:

  • Packaging materials assessment
  • Cost & supplier assessment
  • Operational throughput assessment
  • KPI assessment
  • Product & package damage assessment
  • Marketing & customer experience assessment
  • Data technology
  • Visual management tools (dashboarding)
  • Determine quick and long-term project opportunities
  • Execution excellence with boots on the ground
  • Benchmark of your operations vs. best in class performers



Posted on

August 24, 2018