Process Improvement

What opportunities for improvement exist in my facilities & processes? What does it take to become a “world class” supply chain? What metrics and methods of measurement should I be employing?

PLS Supply Chain Consulting offers a complete operations review conducted by our senior professionals that will guarantee results. This review highlights opportunities related to import logistics, transportation, distribution center layout, lean distribution, product slotting, labor management, and store/customer service. Analysis includes, detailed review of methods employed for each task within the distribution center. Our Industrial Engineering professionals observe the methods of each task and benchmark key metrics with other PLS client distribution centers. Potential improvements are described in detail, including cost/benefit analysis documenting expense savings. Improvement recommendations of opportunities are presented along with the potential savings and investment quantified for each recommendation. Clients can save 10% to 30% of annual labor payroll expense savings.

Additional services offerings include:

Methods Improvement

SOP Development

Lean Kaizen event management