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John Moore

John Moore

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

John is responsible for company efforts and execution to drive further value and bring greater sustainability to the e-commerce and fulfillment industry.  With over 25 years of packaging leadership experience, John set out in 2013 to found Packaging & Logistics Solutions or PLS.  His goal: to deliver measurable and sustainable cost savings and help drive service metrics in high volume pick, pack and ship operations through packaging innovation, incisive analytics / software and world class expertise.  

John oversees the vision, go-to-market and sales strategies for PLS. He’s passionate about the business and he relishes the challenge of helping e-commerce and fulfillment customers compete in the face of rising inflation, labor shortages, higher shipping costs, greater demands on service and “click to ship” in this ever evolving, dynamic industry.

John’s philosophy is to enlist top talent and get out of their way. And he believes the sky is the limit for his company. The PLS team is poised to help the market leaders of tomorrow get ahead today.

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Greg Woolum

Greg Woolum

Director of Packaging

Greg is a seasoned packaging executive with expertise in process, pack materials, automation and creating ROI for high-volume, small-parcel shippers. He brings more than 25 years of leadership experience in the industry. Previously, Greg led a nationwide corrugated packaging program with a multi-billion dollar distributor. He also successfully developed various flexible packaging solutions across a wide array of industries in the U.S.

At PLS, Greg works closely with our clients to lay the foundation for the sustainable and effective partnerships our model employs. In that role, he positions himself as an extension of the customer’s operation, using packaging optimization as the initial catalyst to drive right-sizing, labor throughput and transportation savings across the network.

Greg plays a critical strategic leadership role with our many collaborative partnerships across the globe, ensuring that PLS presents the best solutions for its clients. He is also instrumental in using our proprietary data analytics suite OBI, to identify packaging materials consumption and cube reduction strategies as a means to reduce transportation costs for our clients. Greg’s ability to formulate the right solution to the problem presented by each unique packaging situation in e-commerce and fulfillment is a tremendous asset to our team.

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Andrew Benzinger

Andrew Benzinger

Director of Supply Chain Initiatives

Andrew is responsible for growing the business in labor, transportation and warehouse optimization. Andrew oversees development and implementation of the PLS software platform known as Orange Box Intelligence or OBI.

Andrew was first introduced to the PLS team while completing his Executive MBA (EMBA) at Xavier University. As part of his final semester coursework, Andrew had the opportunity to engage with leading professionals representing a select group of fast-growing businesses—including PLS. Andrew quickly recognized the potential and value of the PLS model, specifically the exciting opportunities to pursue differentiation in the e-commerce space and to help businesses grow by solving complex issues in the supply chain.

As a managing partner and director, Andrew is instrumental in business development and in managing strategic partnerships. He also assumes leadership in the new supply-chain initiatives division. Andrew continues to innovate software advancements through OBI, while ensuring that a strong analytical approach is incorporated to help e-commerce clients become more competitive in the marketplace.

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Mark P. Shoup

Mark P. Shoup

Director of Operations and Process

Mark is our tactical team leader to help drive performance in customer operations.  He has been instrumental in the development of advanced predictive analytics and algorithms in PLS optimization modules for packaging, transportation and labor, the precursor to our proprietary software OBI.

Mark brings significant C-Suite operations experience in e-commerce in a variety of leadership roles including serving as a site leader, a general manager and a strategic leader in operations for top global, online retail brands.

As a trained and practicing Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Mark focuses on driving world-class, measurable and sustainable throughput improvement along with significant transportation savings through package right-sizing. Mark thrives when he can be out on the floor in fast-paced, high-volume shipping operations, working side-by-side with his team and PLS clients.

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Doug Jones

Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Doug serves as a managing partner, as well as the Chief Strategy Officer and the Chief Operating Officer at PLS. In those roles, he’s responsible for accelerating the growth and strategic execution of the company’s suite of products and services, which provide innovative solutions for e-commerce, 3PL and manufacturers across the United States.

Doug is an alumnus of Indiana University and holds a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Prior to joining the PLS team, Doug ran large 3PL operations across North America. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President of Global Operations for a major online retail brand. Doug brings a wealth of industry experience, driving significant year over year results in the e-commerce and 3PL industries as a C-suite executive.

As a customer of PLS, Doug saw the value of the company’s solutions firsthand. He joined the team because of the unique way that PLS combines expertise and analytics to drive measurable and sustainable savings. He is a huge believer in the PLS operations support strategy as well as performance-based models that help sustain results.

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