We Follow A Repeatable, Sustainable And Successful Process

The PLS process

We identify how much air or void you have in your packages and work close with your team on solutions to eliminate it, forever.  You can’t profit by shipping air and dunnage, so why continue to do it?

We can show you the positive impact of right-sizing your packages and translate it to materials, transportation and labor savings, along with many other improvements.  This is not a one-time fix.  We will continue to stay engaged to keep your packaging optimized as normal changes occur in your products, order profile and customers to keep you at the lowest total cost of fulfillment.

We follow a repeatable, sustainable and successful process:


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The PLS approach

Our unique approach uses best-in-class packaging innovation solutions to attack unproductive cost factors such as excessive materials use, too much labor and wasteful shipping and accessorial charges. We believe the most logical place to start is in packaging optimization or right-sizing, which translates smaller packs into sustainable cost savings.

How do we do it? We use industry leading operations assessment tools, onsite and offsite support, and our expertise in data technology.


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