We help you minimize waste and maximize profit with packaging optimization

Packaging optimization – where it all begins

Our packaging optimization services will provide you with valuable insights. We will help your team develop the proper package sizes and specifications you need to pack and ship your orders in the most cost-effective way—minimizing waste and maximizing profit.  We are there with you from start to execution, and beyond, as your order profile, SKU mix, operations, customer needs and industry evolves.

The PLS approach

Packaging optimization, also referred to as “right-sizing,” is focused on eliminating the wasted space (void) in your packages that is costing you more money each year in materials, shipping and labor. You can’t profit by shipping air and dunnage, so why continue to do it?

Our time-tested approach will provide you with proven ways to create packaging efficiencies.  This is accomplished with expertise, industry leading operations-assessment tools, onsite and offsite resource support and our proprietary technology Orange Box Intelligence (OBI).

More than packaging optimization

Anchored in packaging, we will help you develop smaller and greener packages.  This translates directly to measurable and sustainable improvements in other areas such as transportation and dimensional savings, SKU reduction, material handling, labor throughput, “click to ship” and improved customer experience.

The benefits of packaging optimization with PLS

Packaging optimization is vital to lean operations and agile supply chains. The most efficient supply chains are those that have gone through a successful packaging optimization process to ensure a competitive edge well into the future.  Our performance-based model ensures measurable and sustainable results.

Corrugated packaging

We offer a range of other optimization services and products that help ensure durable cost savings. We are experts in corrugated packaging solutions including corrugated materials, cartons and more.

Flexible packaging options

Our expertise in the flexible packaging space is second to none. We can help you implement bag solutions using polyethylene films, security films, protective films, bubble wrap and shrink films. Some instances call for custom packaging and packaging design—areas we also excel in.

Packaging automation

Increasingly, packaging automation is a cost-effective option for high-volume operations. If your operation can benefit from it, we are positioned to help you implement one of the best high-speed e-commerce packaging automation options.  Our solutions come complete with ROI, and we prefer 1 year or less.

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