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Optimization solutions for your fulfillment operations

Our optimization services are laser focused on helping you find and eliminate waste throughout your operation and network, helping you achieve your lowest total cost of fulfillment. Our team of experts have deep knowledge in packaging, e-commerce operations, logistics, labor management and more. We understand the challenges you face, and we have the tools to help you be more profitable.

Anchored in packaging, the insights and optimization we provide translate directly into savings across your transportation, labor and materials spend.  We have a unique understanding how these areas are so intertwined and will exploit them to drive dramatic results in your operation and supply chain.  Our model ensures long term sustainable, measurable results.

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Packaging optimization – where it all begins

Our packaging optimization services will provide you with priceless insights. We’ll give you a comprehensive outline of the sizes and specifications you need to pack your orders in the most cost-effective way—minimizing waste and maximizing profit.  We can also directly translate more efficient packaging into transportation, labor and material savings.

Packaging optimization is vital to lean operations and agile supply chains. The most efficient supply chains are those that have gone through a successful packaging optimization process to ensure a competitive edge well into the future. 

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Transportation optimization

Transportation optimization is our process of reducing or even eliminating dimensional and oversize charges through expertise and package right-sizing. As the largest logistics cost component, this is the biggest opportunity for PLS to find and drive measurable and sustainable cost savings in your operation and across your network. 

We typically find 3-5% net annual transportation savings year-over-year after our engagement and due diligence with no capital investment. 

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Labor optimization

At PLS, our labor optimization services target your operation’s most important key performance indicators related to picking, packaging and shipping.  We will help you drive measurable and sustainable improvements in UPH and translate them to quicker “click to ship.”

Our labor optimization solutions provide data-driven conclusions that lead to measurable, tangible, and financially viable results. We normally find 7-10% productivity improvement through our engagements with no capital expense. 

Packaging automation can drive the UPH dramatically higher and we prefer an ROI of one year or less. 

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Warehouse optimization

Warehouse optimization is the process of driving cost-savings solutions through better space utilization and throughput. First and foremost, we aim to ensure you have a safe, efficient operation. 

Our program will find and drive savings via throughput and space utilization, while reducing errors and improving flexibility, communication and customer satisfaction. We also evaluate warehouse flow, product placement, storage, and retrieval systems. Warehouse optimization is vital to lean warehouses and agile supply chains.

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The PLS approach

No matter what we help you accomplish, we’re with you from start to savings. We find the persistent issues that are plaguing your operation and help you eliminate them. We do it with industry leading operations assessment tools, PLS resources, and our proprietary technology Orange Box Intelligence (OBI).

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