Labor Optimization


The action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource.


The PLS approach

Our formal labor optimization program provides a unique perspective on your labor performance through our operations assessment tools and data technology.  Our team will also support all of the initiatives onsite and offsite as an extension of your operation.

At PLS, our labor optimization services target your operation’s most important key performance indicators related to fulfillment and distribution. Our team understands the problems that you face including lack of employee engagement, high turnover, increasing wage and benefit costs, minimal investment in technology and an overall decline in labor efficiency.  We will help you drive measurable and sustainable improvements in UPH and translate increased throughput to improvements in “click to ship.”


The benefits of optimization with PLS

Our labor optimization solutions provide data-driven conclusions that lead to measurable, tangible, and financially viable results. We typically find 7-10% productivity improvement through our engagements with no capital expense. Packaging automation can drive the UPH dramatically higher and we prefer an ROI of one year or less. Our goal is a long, sustainable partnership that will bring value to your operations well into the future.

We have the experience and objectivity to spot quick hit tactical changes that deliver immediate productivity increases while also looking to develop more long-term improvements.


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