Anchored In Packaging, We Will Help You Drive Measurable, Sustainable Savings

About PLS

We are packaging and data technology experts with a heavy background in operations, logistics and supply chain.  PLS has a very unique understanding of the interrelationship between packaging, transportation and labor and will exploit these in your operations to drive dramatic results.

We create predictable, measurable and sustainable savings through our data technology, pack optimization expertise and extensive industry knowledge.  Anchored in packaging, we will help you develop smaller, greener packages, reduce shipping and labor costs, improve “click to ship”, reduce damage and much more.


How we help:


Member of the Conexus Indiana Logistics Council

Our company is proud to sit on the Conexus Indiana Logistics Council—a group of 52 business owners and executives from across the state working hard to help improve Indiana’s logistics infrastructure. As part of the council, we are helping to pave the way for business growth, new business development and greater employment for our state. We work with state and national political figures to help bring progress to Indiana and the entire region.

You need to save money. We can help.

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